How to ace the MDCAT 2024

What is MDCAT?

MDCAT (National Medical and Dental College Admission Test) is the Entrance Test conducted by PMDC for all Public and Private Sector Medical and Dental Colleges of Pakistan. MDCAT evaluates the skills required in the study of medicine such as problem solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of the concepts and principles of natural, behavioral, and social sciences. MDCAT 2024 will be a standardized multiple-choice, paper-based examination.

MDCAT 2024 Structure

  • Total number of MCQs: 200
  • Duration of MDCAT: 3.5 hours
  • Format: Paper-based MCQs
  • 55% (130 out of 200) for admission into Medical Colleges
  • 50% (110 out of 200) for admission into Dental Colleges
  • No negative marking
Subject Percentage No of MCQs
Biology 34 68
Chemistry 27 54
Physics 27 54
English 9 18
Logical Reasoning 3 6
Total 100 200
Level Percentage
Easy 20
Moderate 60
Hard 20

Merit Calculation

The following weightage will be given to the test and academic record to determine the merit:

  • MDCAT 50%
  • Inter 40%
  • Matric 10%

MDCAT 2024 Preparation

MDCAT, being the gateway to medical profession in Pakistan, holds a lot of importance and you need to be absolutely sure that you choose the best possible resources for its preparation. To start with, you can look back at those who have tread this path successfully before you and follow their footprints. A very reasonable way to do that is to see what they had in common. It is certainly of great consequence to try to emulate their personal traits such as hard work, dedication, and orderliness, but it is equally important to keep in view the role of their teachers, institute, and preparation material in their success.

Know thyself

This is a very important stage of your life; you’re taking your first step towards the career you want to adopt for your whole life. In your case, it’s not just a career; it’s a noble profession which will not only make it possible for you to earn a livelihood, but also give you a chance to serve humanity. So, first of all, you need to ask yourself: “Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do I have the skill and passion to excel in this field?”

Know the exam

If your answer is yes, you’ve already taken the first step towards success. Now you need to know what you have to prepare for. You should go through the MDCAT syllabus and note how much effort each subject demands from you. You also need to thoroughly examine the format of the exam so that when you actually take the exam, you are familiar with everything. This year’s MDCAT will be a computer-based exam, so you need to acquaint yourself with its pattern.

Allocate time to all subjects

You ought to know how much weightage a subject holds in the exam and how much time you need to spend for each subject. You should know your strengths and weaknesses and assign time to each subject accordingly.

Clarify your concepts

There are things you need to learn by heart but memorizing without understanding is of no use. Instead of trying to learn everything by rote, you should pay more heed to clarifying your concepts or getting them clarified.

Choose a large question bank

After going through the necessary concepts, it is very important for you to have a sizeable question bank with questions covering every topic and on the pattern of the actual exam.

Practice, practice, and practice

Now you need to attempt as many questions as you can and keep practicing for as long as you have before the exam.

Evaluate yourself

It is not enough to keep attempting questions and looking at their answers to know whether you got them right or not; you also need to know where you stand in a particular subject and in particular topics of a subject. For this, you need to evaluate yourself after attempting tests on the pattern of MDCAT. It would certainly be much more beneficial for you to get yourself evaluated by an expert instead of doing it yourself.

Select the right institute

If you want to save yourself all this trouble of getting to know everything about the exam, having to look for the best practice material, allocate the right amount of time to each subject, toil to build concepts, practice extensively, and evaluate yourself, it is certainly a very good idea to let those who have the knowledge and experience of all this guide you at every step. This can be achieved by selecting the right institute for the preparation of MDCAT.

While there may be a number of good institutes for entry test preparation, you would obviously want to benefit from the best among them for this all-important exam. One way to reach the right conclusion is to see if there is an institute whose students have consistently been successful in entry test preparation.


KIPS is the most efficacious preparatory institute in Pakistan, which, since its inception, has been the frontrunner in test preparations. Its students have consistently been producing excellent results in Matric & HSSC exams, and entrance tests of medical and engineering universities in particular, and all local and foreign tests in general. With an aim of imparting quality education at affordable cost, KIPS has expanded its sphere of services to 24 major cities of Pakistan. KIPS owes its unmatched success to its immensely competent faculty, which uses a standardized, result-oriented teaching methodology, at purpose-built campuses with state-of-the-art facilities.

MDCAT 2024 Preparation at KIPS

The following sessions are being offered at KIPS for a comprehensive preparation of MDCAT 2024:

  • MDCAT Earlier Prep
  • LMDCAT Earlier Prep
  • Long MDCAT (UHS)
  • Long MDCAT (NUMS)
  • Agha Khan University (AKU)
  • Long MDCAT Parallel Prep

For more details about these and other sessions at KIPS, you may visit

KIPS Virtual

In addition to on-campus preparatory sessions, KIPS offers online preparation of MDCAT through KIPS Virtual. This online learning platform has the following features:

  • e-Lectures
  • Readings
  • Quizzes & Assignments
  • Live Classes
  • Teacher Support
  • Notes & Bookmarks
  • Progress Reports
  • Leaderboard

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