KIPS Entry Test Pre-Test 2024

Hey there, future doctors, engineers, and tech wizards! Are you ready to unlock your dream university and scholarship potential? Buckle up, because the KIPS Entry Test Pre – Test 2024 is your launchpad to success!

This free and open event, exclusively for F.Sc. (Medical, Engg. & CS) & A Level students, equips you with the knowledge, practice, and strategy to ace your 2024 entry tests.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this out-of-this-world experience:

Unlimited Scholarships Await:

Score high in the Pre-Test and win unlimited scholarships for KIPS Entry Test Session 2024 – Get to your dream university while preparing with a well-earned scholarship.

Set Your Career Targets:

Get the inside scoop on entry test formats, university schedules that would make a time traveler jealous, and the latest scoop on closing merit. Plus, learn the art of mastering both your F.Sc. and entry test prep at the same time! All of this in an inspiring seminar at Pre Test 2024.

Test Drive Your Triumph:

Buckle up for a real-time, pattern-based model test that mirrors the actual entry exams. It’s your chance to evaluate your skills & knowledge across 100 MCQs:

  • Medical: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and even some mind-bending Logical Reasoning.
  • Non-Medical: Mathematics, Chemistry/CS, Physics, and English to ace those communication skills.

    Expert Mission Control:

    After your test, our entry test specialist teachers will be your mission control, guiding you through a detailed discussion of the MCQs and their answers. Identify your strengths, pinpoint any weak spots, and bridge the gap between your current level and ultimate success.

    Why attend the Pre-Test?

  • Get a head start: Leave your peers in the dust by starting your entry test prep early and gaining valuable insights.
  • Sharpen your weapons: Identify your gaps, focus for improvements and practice test-taking strategies with a model test.
  • Learn from the experts: Our experienced faculty will share their wisdom and insider knowledge about entry tests and university admissions.
  • Boost your confidence: Gain the motivation and self-belief you need to conquer your upcoming exams.
    So, get set, embrace the textbooks and grab your spacesuit! The KIPS Entry Test Pre-Test 2024 is your launchpad to academic excellence and scholarship-filled dreams.

    Starting From Feb. 16 at KIPS Preparations Campuses Across Pakistan

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    Limited seats available, so register now before they disappear faster than a UFO!